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Silicon Valley Student
Mentorship Program

PREWORK Academy brings Silicon Valley direct to students in Europe. Expert SV Mentors will guide Students ages 16-29 as they learn the basics of entrepreneurship including business ideation, how to start a business, how to pitch to investors, and understand industry trends. Meet talented mentors from Google, Apple & more. This is a great opportunity to kick start your future!

The Program

Sign up for this unique chance to be personally mentored by expert entrepreneurs who have guided some of the top companies in SV. Students will gain valuable insights about industry trends, and learn core essentials of entrepreneurship in this exciting 3 day virtual course.

Day 1

Silicon Valley Insights, The Future of Work and Technology Trends


5 hours

Day 2

Successful Entrepreneurs explain success factors and share business insights


5 hours

Day 3

Intro to Ideation, Business Strategy and Guided Workshops with Mentors


5 hours


About Us 

Our mission is to ignite the passion of young people, helping them turn their ideas into reality. 


PREWORK Academy provides personalized guidance from expert mentors and a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students with the necessary skills to become successful entrepreneurs. We are the missing link between high school and real world opportunity.


Inspired by and created for students.

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